Red or Black?

Many people think that Angus cattle are black.  The truth is that registered pure bred Angus cattle can be either black or red.   Black Angus cattle are more common than red.  We raise predominantly red Angus cattle.  Our purebred Angus bull is appropriately named Red Rob.  He breeds cows that are predominantly red Angus with some Simmental breeding in the cow herd. However, our neighbor Jack Ronayne raises purebred black Angus animals. He buys high quality black Angus bulls, selected for their propensity to produce offspring with high intramuscular fat. We purchase some of Jack's calves to raise and finish.  That is why you will see some black animals in our herd. The color of their hair has absolutely nothing to do with the health or confirmation of the animal, nor of the meat they produce.  It is just color.  We think either looks good.