News & Events - 2008 Slow Food Sunday

August, 2008

The 2008 Slow Food Ride was an undeniable success. Last year 1300 people participated in the Slow Food cycle up Pemberton Meadows to sample local products. This year, some 2300 riders took part.

At Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef we were prepared for a larger participation than last year, but we sure didn’t anticipate this many enthusiastic cyclists. In 2007, we sold 430 burgers during the day. For 2008, we thought that we might sell up to 600.

At about 10:00 the first cyclists started to arrive. It was an innocuous enough beginning. But by 11:00 it was quite a different story as people poured up the road and in to Bob’s barnyard. We were slammed! People waited patiently for almost half an hour to get their burgers. “The Hood”, our great neighbours, made change, cut tomatoes, flipped burgers, and doled out drinks.

At 2:00 before any of us had time to look up from our duties, someone said, ”we’re sold out!” 600 natural beef burgers had disappeared in a little over 3 hours!

We were sorry that we had to disappoint many riders who had decided to wait for the return trip to Pemberton to have their burger, but we couldn’t possibly have predicted the overwhelming success of this event. All the riders had such fun. Take a look at some of the attached photos which should give you a bit of a feeling of the carnival atmosphere of this great day. We hope to see you next year, Sunday August 16, 2009.

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