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Bob Mitchell was born and raised on the family farm in the beautiful Pemberton Valley. The farm was first cleared and cultivated by his mother and father before the road reached Pemberton. The Mitchell family grew potatoes and raised cattle. Don Millerd grew up in the family salmon canning business. When the Millerd family bought the farm next to the Mitchells in 1968, his love of the land and raising animals was born. Although he continues his business career, his love of the valley, its people, and its products, have dominated his activities.

In 2004, Bob and Don decided to combine their varied backgrounds and talents into a new venture.  Instead of following the common practice of shipping calves to the auction market, and then on to feedlots, they would keep the calves for another year, and raise them to maturity using all-natural farming methods.  They would finish the mature animals on their own home grown hay and grain, and market them directly.  They believed that with the emphasis on healthy eating, food traceability, and local products, this beef would find an appreciative market.  This has proven to be the case.

In 2006, Mark and Roxy Kuurne of Kuurne farms joined Bob and Don in finishing cattle for the Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef program.  They changed their calving time so that their calves would be born in the fall rather than at the usual spring calving time.  This would ensure that not all of the animals would mature in the same few months, and that therefore Pemberton Meadows would have a year-round supply. In 2007, Peter Kuurne, son of Mark and Roxy established Snowbound Ranch in Pemberton and joined in  raising cattle for Pemberton Meadows Natural beef. Thus, the production team was complete.

All of our beef is sold through Two Rivers Specialty Meats. Most of our beef is sold by Two Rivers to restaurants, and a few select retail outlets. Check us out.

E-Coli Note for 2012

The recent recall of beef products focuses the spotlight on food safety...click here for our response

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